John F. Kennedy
zOr - John F. Kennedy - June 6 2016
Int The Universe,. ODD.
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Blood is still red, as explosions are generally orange, and fiery.

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This post is not your average cable dish programming.

America.. the republic of free souls freeing ALL,. iS.. HiJacked.

Its a no brainer domainer.. as in

we are being RuLed over by,. insaner's, domainer.

sKiTs.. just as a crime, are an ACT defiling.

i M a Gi N e

(no,. i didnt just say.. i aM a genie.)

ReaL ReaLiTy!

sKiTsters Flowery BuLLsHiT resolved!

Did i mention,. i market domains?

Well,. there you have it!

Thanks for entirely perusing the post.

Real Reality does have this, calming effect. ;o

We are not,. loST!

How tragic one would impose by virtue of,.. in any way another.

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The HOUSE of QUAKERS - The,. NON religious,. in NO WAY any GOVERNMENT system intertwined, BELIEF CULTURE FREE.. society of friendly folk,. trying to be, friendly. - LiFe,. NOT AFTER life.. iS,. The GiFT!
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The Man, who killed John F. Kennedy.

Israel: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Israel? - Jews?

These are a personal selection by persons,. CoSTuMeS. - UNimposable.

Think something more,. CAUCAZOIDIAN kabalisT district enclave

UNION,. CONglomerate.. CHURCH pretend CHi energy enslavement

, education and government hijacking

anTiCisT daily seed sower, community box dish of zomBiST cabling?


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Hesham Tillawi

National Arab American Journalists Association


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Hesham Tillawi

The Israeli Occupation of America

How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion

(i call it - CAUCAZOIDIAN eugeniciST kabalism)
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I recommend.. cancel your cable dish,. ToDay!

Use your money,. as you see fit.

Programming is.. THE SERIOUS MATTER.

The online community for the discerning human, game.

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The Only Umbrella Out on what looks like a sunny afternoon - and,.

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likely to conceal its - mechanism?

Lower right corner of sign as limo passess..

the,. umbrella man.

 " observe what you see "

" understand the anTics of the complicit paid anTiCisT "

" for what they, obviously,. are. "

" observe what you see "

" to be, truely free
! "
Blood is still red, as explosions are generally orange, and fiery.

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The Umbrella System - TUM1
The Shooters
Malcolm Wallace - jfk -
1 - Umbrella Man
The Shooters - The FiNALiZers should jackie fail - JFK - assassination
Emilio-Santana - William-Seymour - Frenchie - Jack Lawrence - Stunt, NOISE makers - The,. FiNaliZers shoulld jackie fail.
4 - LiFe ending STUNT, Noise Makers - The FiNALIZERs - Should Jackie Fail
Welcome to Hollywood.

ITs more like,. didnt i already mention,.
CANCEL your cable dish today?

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The WOMAN Who Killed John F. Kennedy
Int this an ODD fellow?
Testimony of Dr. Malcohm Perry

Kennedy Assassination - jfkAssassination

web found excerpt:

There was a sheet over his lower extremities and the lower portion of his trunk.

In the lower part of the neck below the Adams apple was a small, roughly circular wound of perhaps 5 mm. in diameter.

Backtracking just a bit from the context of the answer which you have just given, would you describe the quantity of blood which you observed on the carriage when you first came into the room

Would you characterize it as a very substantial or minor blood loss?
Dr. PERRY - A substantial blood loss.
Mr. SPECTER - Now, you mentioned the President's brace. Could you describe that as specifically as possible?
Dr. PERRY - No, sir; I did not examine it. I noted its presence only in an effort to reach the femoral pulse and I pushed it up just slightly so that I might palpate for the femoral pulse, I did no more examination.
Mr. SPECTER - In the course of seeking the femoral pulse, did you observe or note an Ace bandage?
Dr. PERRY - Yes, sir.
Mr. SPECTER - In the brace area?
Dr. PERRY - Yes, sir. It was my impression, I saw a portion of an Ace Bandage, an elastic supporting bandage on the right thigh. I did not examine it at all but I just noted its presence.
Mr. SPECTER - Did the Ace Bandage cover any portion of the President's body that you were able to observe in addition to the right thigh?
Dr. PERRY - No, sir; I did not go any further. I just noted its presence right there at the junction at the hip. It could have been on the lower trunk or the upper thigh, I don't know. I didn't care any further.

Ok,. i do have issues,. so " p Re T eN d " along with me "

The, black and white edged image above, found,. some w H eR e.

First,. did you go thru the items on this page above it?

What is the person in this edged image,. mimicking?

Here is a neat lil video i put together by fluke of circumstance,.

something.. time-chance-found,. anyway?

I used the EDGE tool in movie maker on a quick did it video, with sound.
Dropped a lil music clip someone that i know did on the movie line.
And. other than i might need to reconvert it for
particular mobile devices access,.

Get Your BROOM on Too Sweeper!


Get Your BROOM on Sweeper!

Here is a jolly, originally cross-sKiT-less lil ole place

i might have some affinity to.

BUILD your own BLoG!

SpiN yourself a little web of sites hooked to the world wide net

as you see fiT!

Drag and Dropped! ?

wysiwyg - SpiN your own wysiwyg TiLL your ALL SpUn Out!

Why would any free soul claiming to be a free soul freeing ALL,. by any right means, not then make time for a bit of information that may assure the gifted living a better ability at assuring the gift life continues flourishing for all ever gifted it.. eternal?

RiDdLe aiNt a ridDle till you UNriDdle iT.

UnriDdle yourself a biT Here: LiNKs

SECRET SOCIETIES and other anTiciST mayhem.
Where the fleeing once fled.

York County Pennsylvania

William Penn - was the author writer of - NO CROSS NO CROWN

There was no need to read the rest of the article


most were somewhat illiterate

They were FLEEING
,. had

no need for pretending the babylonian kabalist sKiTs

judaism christianity nor islam.


NO NEED for ANY version of ANY BOOKS by ANY of the CONjurers.


" Should one eat too much crownian BACON

might they then become a,. piG? "

George Fox was a QuAKeR!

William Penn,. was a QUaKer too!

Inner light liT free souls giFTed LiVing!

Freeing ALL!

Did you know,. whilst hanging out with the free souled indians

William Penn was known to have an,. unnatural BROAD jump?

2prongRHINO you too!

Simon Says i aM - you can be too!

Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that,. Say iT BesT!

Females are Equals

WAR is NOT the answer

LiFe,. NOT AFTER life.. iS The GiFT!

Got a Quaker HaT yet?

LiFe,. iS the GiFT!

BE SURE,. to watch the playlists immediately above.

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Anybody remember the Erase Illiteracy campaign of the 1960's?

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